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Workplace Yoga


Workplace Yoga & Meditation


Yoga Flow

My yoga class brings movement, flow and release of tension in the body during the work day. Focusing on key areas after sitting for the day such as backs, hips, shoulders and legs. Having worked for years in an office, I understand personally what benefits yoga can bring to reduce stress and stiffness in the body.  

Satisfy My Soul - Reggae Yoga

This is an energising, nourishing and enjoyable class. A chance to connect to ourselves through yoga movement and some sweet reggae beats. Sarah brings her enthusiasm and passion for yoga (and Bob Marley) to the workplace to create a class to unwind, sink into the practice and listen to some good beats.


Men’s only yoga classes. This is well suited to the larger corporates that I work with. A chance for men who have never tried yoga before to get a taster of what it is like. This can be a stand alone class or 6 week course.

Restorative and Yin Yoga

Sometimes we don’t want to sweat during the work day.  This relaxing and restorative yoga session is like pressing pause on your workday, taking a chance to unwind and to be guided into deep relaxation postures. 

Targeted Tension Release

I use my Yin yoga training to guide employees into postures that are held for 3 to 5 minutes to release tension from the body and mind. The movements focus on the tight areas like the neck, shoulders and hips. We will leave feeling light and relaxed. 

Mindful Meditation 

This is great introduction to mindfulness and meditation. My aim is to take away the mystery of meditation. I teach the technique, discuss the many benefits and end with a calming and relaxing meditation. I incorporate all my experience and knowledge from meditating in Buddhist monasteries and ashrams in Asia and create an easy to follow guided meditation with lots of practical tips for creating your own daily practice. 

Each of my above offerings can be tailored to suit your workplace. I offer them on a weekly course basis or stand-alone session for special corporate days. Contact me to create your tailormade programme. 

Clients that I work with: