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Full Moon Rituals


3 Rituals to try this Full Moon

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The full moon has fascinated humankind for centuries. It is part of our ancient folklore and features in tales of witches and werewolves. It brings high tides to the sea and is said to have an affect on our mental state. The word ‘lunatic’ comes from the Latin word for moon, ‘luna’.

I began tuning in with the moon a couple of years ago and I have experienced its magic by practicing specific rituals. Intentions I have set at a New Moon have manifested and the Full Moon has offered me an opportunity to do some deep-sea soul diving and to let go of what I don’t need in my life.

The next Full Moon is this Thursday 21 March at 1:43am. The best time to do these rituals is the night before the Full Moon. So for this Full Moon, try to do these rituals on the night of Wednesday 20 March.

Full Moon Rituals

Admittedly, I felt a little funny doing these rituals at first. But now they feel as normal as watering my plants. You can add decoration to the rituals, as I have done since I started, like using candles, incense, mantras and putting on a witches hat (I jest).

Forgiveness Ritual

Sitting quietly try to recall anything that has angered or upset you in the recent or distant past. It can be to do with another person, yourself or an event. Write these things down and then tear up the piece of paper and start taking some deep cleansing breaths. Breathing deep to the bottom of the belly and then sigh the air out. Literally taking the wind out of your anger-boat sails. Start saying silently or aloud “I forgive”. Repeat until it starts to feel good or you feel a little less serious. Which is not hard considering what you are doing. The ritual releases anger, resentment and any bad vibes we are holding on to. When we forgive we are sending out cleaner and purer vibes which makes it much easier to manifest what we want at the New Moon.

Gratitude Ritual

After we have released the toxins of anger and resentment, we can practice gratuity. Write down three or more things that you are grateful for in your life. It can be people, situations, a memory, your dog or the tasty meal you had that evening. Let the things you feel grateful for fill you up with a good feeling as you think about them. Feel it in your body. Gratuity increases our vibration and helps attract good things into our life. The more we focus on the good things in our life, the more of the same will come our way. Light attracts light.


This is my personal favourite and one I want to spend more time doing. Basking in the light of the moon. Soaking the moon’s energy when it is at its peak. This doesn’t have to be as ceremonial as going to the top of a mountain to howl at the moon. It can be taking a few minutes to stand out outside and look up at the moon. Going for a moonlit walk. Or bathing in the sea under the Full Moon. See if you can spot swimmers out this Full Moon in the bathing spots around Ireland. I plan to be one of them.

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I will be at Wellfest on Sunday 12 May guiding Satisfy My Soul Yoga; a nourishing and energetic yoga class. The next New Moon is on 5 April. I will be writing for Wellfest about my New Moon intention setting rituals for you to try.