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New Moon Ritual


4 tips for your manifesting ritual


The new moon is a potent time. It is the beginning of the lunar cycle; when the moon is between the earth and sun, and its illuminated side is facing away from us, which means we can’t see it.

It is the time when farmers through the ages have planted seeds as the soil is known to be rich at this time. Similarly, it is a potent time for us to plant the seeds for the dreams and desires we want to make a reality.

If the words ritual and intention setting are not sitting well with you, if it all seems a bit hippy-dippy; another way to use the new moon is to regard it as a marker once a month to remind ourselves what are dreams and desires are. (That said if those words seemed hippy-dippy to you, you probably would not be reading this post. So I think I am in good company here).

The weeks can fly by; when we are sometimes just going through the motions of living, working, being busy without asking ourselves what do I actually want in this life?

The new moon is an opportunity to create focus. A plan of what we want to happen in our life. Try this 4-step ritual to set your intentions for the months to come.

1.       Set the tone. Setting aside time to sit comfortably, maybe lighting a candle or some incense. Practice gratuity by writing down at least 5 things you are grateful for at that moment. Gratuity is the basis for manifesting; what you appreciate, appreciates.


2.       Set your intentions. This is the best part. The chance to create a wish list once a month of the things you want to happen in your life. On a simple level, the Universe can’t give you what you want unless you know very clearly what it is.  If you don’t know what you want at all, ask for a spiritual teacher to come into your life to help guide you. Write down up to 10 wishes. Dream big. Ignore the voice of judgement that says that could never happen. Go for what you really want.


3.       Believe in your intentions. Go through the intentions on your list and visualise each one like it has already happened. Use the affirmation “I am”; for example, if you are wishing to travel to India “I am going to India”; to find your love “I am attracting love into my life”. Really believe it and feel it in your body. Try to imagine how you will feel when that wish comes true. Believing in the intention is crucial and the key step of this ritual. Then go through each wish and think about how you could help make it happen. For example, asking a friend who went to India recently about her trip. Small steps are enough.


4.       Meditate. Finally meditate for a few minutes or ideally 15 minutes. End your meditation by releasing your attachment to your wishes. The more relaxed and stress-free we are, the better able we are to manifest. Let go. Surrender. You can say a mantra such as “this or something better now manifests for me, for the highest good of all concerned”. “Om Namo Narayani”.. Sanskrit meaning I surrender to the Divine.

Then go about your day and your month with the confidence that the Universe is on your side. As the mystic poet Rumi said, “what you seek is seeking you”. So live your days with the confidence and reassurance that what you have wished for and truly felt coming true is seeking you out. Slowly but surely.

Look out for close but not-quite-there fulfillment of your wishes. Like for me last year an intention was to hike the Camino. In the months that followed my intention setting, it was like the Camino was following me. I kept meeting people who had done the Camino and it cropped up in conversations unprompted by me. 

Part of this is because setting intentions expands our awareness to allow something like the Camino into our consciousness; something that we might have otherwise ignored or not known about. It is also evidence that we are attracting the very thing we want into our life because we are clear on what it is. I ended up walking the Camino for a month that year. Happy New Moon wishing folks.

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